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  • Image and Vision Computing Lab was founded in March 2004 by Prof. In Kyu Park
  • The main research field is in the areas of CVGIP (Computer Vision, Graphics, Image Processing), computational photography, and GPGPU (on high-end GPU as well as on embedded GPU)
  • Currently we have 1 full-time faculty, 2 Ph.D. students, and 3 M.S. students.
  • We are seeking for self-motivated new members at various levels (graduate students and post-doctoral researchers)


Research Area

  • Image/video-based 3D shape acquisition, modeling, processing, and rendering
  • Computational photography
  • Visual computing on GPUs (GPGPU)
  • Embedded/Mobile computer vision and image processing on mobile CPU and GPU
  • Multimedia applications (3차원 실감방송, MPEG-4, MPEG-7)

Lab News

  • 14-07-01 A paper accepted to ECCV 2014

Industry NEWS

Contact Information (Prof. In Kyu Park)

  • Personal Homepage
  • Office : Hitech Center 509, Inha-ro 100, Nam-gu, INCHEON 402-751, KOREA. (Campus Map of Inha University)
  • Students' office and laboratory : Hitech Center 526
  • Phone: +82-32-860-9190
  • Fax: +82-32-873-8970
  • Email: pik@inha.ac.kr