Completed projects

라이트 필드 기반의 초시공간 360도 영상 취득 및 처리 기술

(2017.12 ~ 2020.11)

Light Field based Time-Space Transcendence 360 Video Reconstruction and Processing

  • 다양한 종류의 2차원 영상 데이터로부터 광대한 스케일의 시간(1차원)과 공간(3차원)을 자유롭게 거닐 수 있는 4차원 Light Field 영상 데이터를 구성하여 증강현실 및 가상세계에서 사실적인 시각적 재현이 가능한 기술을 확보한다.
  • Funded by Samsung Research Funding & Incubation Center for Future Technology

Computational Image Reconstruction on 4D Light Field

(2016.06 ~ 2019.05)

  • We will address the problem of computational image reconstruction (deblurring, layer separation, superresolution, dehazing, etc) on 4D light fields.
  • Funded by National Research Foundation (미래창조과학부 중견연구자지원사업)

Image-Based Human Modeling for Augmented Reality 

(2017.03 ~ 2018.04) 

  • Image-based face, body, hair modeling for AR and VR
  • Funded by CoAsia Korea

Mobile Augmented Reality

(2016.07 ~ 2017.06) 

  • Video augmented reality (AR) based on RGBD visual SLAM
  • Funded by SK Telecom

Light Field Image Acquisition, Processing, and Understanding

(2013.12 ~ 2016.11)

  • Developing 4D light field acquisition and processing algorithms which overcome the limitation of conventional imaging
  • Funded by National Research Foundation (미래창조과학부 중견연구자지원사업)

3D Scene Reconstruction Using Car Blackbox Images

(2013.9 ~ 2016.8)

  • 3D scene reconstruction using car blackbox images for analyzing car accident
  • Funded by The Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning (미래창조과학부 디지털콘텐츠원천기술개발사업)

Mobile CPU-GPU Fusion Processor

(2012.6 ~ 2015.5) 

  • Developing image processing framework on handheld GPU using OpenGL ES
  • Funded by The Ministry of Knowledge Economy (지식경제부 산업융합원천기술개발사업)

GPU Parallel Energy Minimization on Massive Graphical Models

(2012.5 ~ 2015.4) 

  • Global optimization using graph cuts using massive GPU parallel computing and its application to 3D TV (stereo images)
  • Funded by National Research Foundation (교육과학기술부 일반연구자지원사업)

Low-Power Superresolution on Embedded GPU

(2013.07 ~ 2014.07) 

  • Funded by LG Electronics (LG전자)

Content-Based 3D Model Retrieval in Mobile Environment
(2012.10 ~ 2013.6)

  • Developing 3D shape retrieval algorithm using noisy and partial 3D depth image
  • Funded by The Ministry of Knowledge Economy (지식경제부) and NHN Corporation

Image Quality Enhancement for Smartphone

(2013.5 ~ 2013.10) 

  • Developing fast and robust image processing algorithms for Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series
  • Funded by Samsung Electronics (삼성전자)

Real-Time Feature Extraction and Tracking on the GPU

  • Real time SURF feature extraction and tracking (for shape from motion) using CUDA on the GPU
  • Funded by Electronics and Telecommunication Research Institute (ETRI)

Media Retargeting for Stereoscopic Video 

(2011.10 ~ 2012.8)

  • Developing content-adaptive image resizing algorithm for stereoscopic images and videos
  • Funded by The Ministry of Knowledge Economy (지식경제부) and LG Electronics (LG전자)

Multiview Inverse Motion Photography

(2009.5 ~ 2012.6)

  • Multiview motion deblurring and its application to 3D reconstruction
  • Funded by National Research Foundation (교육과학기술부 기초연구과제)

Video Summarization and 3D Effect for Smartphone

(2011.4 ~ 2012.1)

  • Developing video summarizatioin and 3D transition algorithms for brand-new Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab
  •  Funded by Samsung Electronics (삼성전자)

Realistic Broadcasting Research Center


  • 3D video acquisition, transmission, and rendering
  • Funded by The Ministry of Knowledge Economy (대학IT연구센터(ITRC))

High Dynamic Range Video

(2008.9 ~ 2011.8)

  • Interdisciplinary research of image processing, vision, communication technologies for acquisition and processing of high dynamic range video
  • Funded by Korea Science and Engineering Foundation (한국연구재단 특정기초연구지원사업)

Machine Vision Inspection Using GPU Parallel Computing 

(2011.04 ~ 2011.8)

  • Parallelizing LCD panel inspection algorithm on the GPU
  • Funded by LG Electronics (LG전자)

3D Shape Acquisition on a Smartphone

(2010.12 ~ 2011.7)

  • Developing photometric stereo algorithm using mobile phone's camera and flash
  • Funded by The Ministry of Knowledge Economy (지식경제부) and Samsung Electronics (삼성전자)

Accelerating Computer Vision Algorithms on Handheld GPU

(2010.7 ~ 2010.12)

  • Developing stereo matching and feature detection algorithms on PowerVR SGX 540 for Samsung Galaxy S
  • Funded by Samsung Electronics (삼성전자)

Automatic 3D face modeling on a smartphone

(2010.4 ~ 2010.11)

  • Developing 3D face modeling algorithm using 2 views captured by and processed on a Samsung's Bada smartphone
  • Funded by Samsung Electronics (삼성전자)

3D Shape Reconstruction by Multi-View Stereo (MVS)


  • Multiresolution volumetric/surfel modeling and rending using multiple views on the GPU
  • Funded by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (IT 원천기술개발사업)

Computational Photography (Mobile Photo Collage)


  • Automatic collage generation on the mobile handset (Samsung Omnia II)
  • Funded by Samsung Electronics (삼성전자)

Computational Motion Photography


  • Interactive motion depiction using efficient user interface
  • Funded by Korean Research Foundation (학술진흥재단 신진교수연구과제)

3D Pose Estimation on the GPU


  • Jointly Funded by Inha University, Korea Research Foundation (학술진흥재단 국제공동연구지원), and Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories (MERL)
  • Performed during 1-year visiting research at MERL

Digital actor and 3-D avatar creation


  • Automatic and UI-assisted parametric 3-D face modeling and animation
  • Funded by Korean Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Energy (산업자원부 지역산업 기술혁신사업)

GPU-based image processing library


  • Design and development of image processing framework based on GPU and programmable shader
  • Funded by Samsung Electronics (삼성전자 위탁연구과제)

Multiresolution processing of 3-D video


  • Multiresolution rendering of image-based and model-based 3-D video sequence
  • Funded by Korea Research Foundation (학술진흥재단 신진교수연구과제)

Image-based 3-D surface modeling


  • NURBS surface construction from matched curves in multiple calibrated images
  • Funded by Korean Ministry of Information and Communication (전자통신연구원 위탁연구과제)

3-D shape description and database retrieval


  • Collaboration with Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology and Seoul National University
  • Proposed to and adopted by MPEG-7 Visual Ver.3

Image-based modeling and rendering


  • Collaboration with Graphics and Media Lab. in Moscow State University
  • Proposed and adopted as an international standard in MPEG-4 AFX (Animation Framework eXtension)

3-D photorealistic face modeling


  • Collaboration with Graphics and Media Lab. in Moscow State University